Impact Fitness Center started in Suite 118, Building 18 of the North Dam Mill in Biddeford, Maine on December 21, 2011. I took over an existing on-site fitness center that was in need of some TLC. It was only 1,700 square feet with 12-foot ceilings, but I could see a diamond in the rough. Over the first few months I replaced or refurbished most of the equipment, did some cosmetic work, and installed new video & audio systems. It started out as a facility that I could privately train my personal clients in, and provide membership options to those that lived and worked on the Pepperell Mill Campus. After a short time, as word started to spread via social media, I started having friends inquire about membership options. A few friend’s became members, and they started telling a few of their friends, and by December 2013 we had grown to a team of three personal trainers performing about 60 personal training sessions per week, we grew to 175 members, and started preparing for our move to a new 6,500 square foot space with 20 foot ceilings in building 13 of the Pepperell Mill Campus

We now have a full line of Matrix strength training equipment, 3 platforms, Rogue bumper plates, prowlers, sleds, tires, and 75ft of artificial turf to use them on! We offer Spinning, Kettlebell, Hitt60, and MRT classes…all included in the membership price, personal training, a full line of apparel & supplements in our pro shop, a smoothie bar, and an atmosphere that will be conducive to conquering any goal that you may have!

At Impact Fitness Center, you’re not just a member, you’re family!


Scott Fleurant

General Manager



My personal fitness journey began when I was 14 which is now over 30 years ago. My father got me into weight training in his cellar. I was a good athlete, but very skinny, and had low self-esteem. He thought it would be good place to improve my athletic performance, and place that would help me feel better about being me. Little did he know that by the time I was 17 I would be competing in bodybuilding competitions, by the age of 29 I would become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an ACE Certified Health Coach, Spinning Certified, complete courses in Exercise Nutrition through the University of Maine, and become both Parisi Speed School certified, and the owner of my first gym by the time I was 41. I have since attended countless Perform Better Learn By Doing Seminars, and Perform Better Summits.

My early days of training focused primarily on aesthetics. As I moved into my late 20’s my focus began turning to sports performance, and now that I’m in my 40’s it’s become more about movement. If we are able to train individuals in a manner that improves the range of which they can move in a pain free, strong, and stable manner their quality of life will be improved by default.

Though taking care of one’s health doesn’t necessarily mean a longer life, it WILL likely mean I better quality of life. Simply put: Take care of your body, and it will take care of you!



Kathryn Danylik-Lagasse





Lisa Dube Lewis



My philosophy on exercise is that it should be fun and invigorating for every body. Whether getting out for a walk is a victory, or running your first marathon, each step in the direction of better health deserves to be celebrated. I believe that by focusing on building lean muscle mass and maintaining bone density while keep the cardiovascular system healthy, every body is able to live a life of vitality. While I enjoy training athletes and fitness competitors, I also appreciate partnering with those that are embracing fitness as part of a comprehensive health plan in nourishing body, mind and soul. I started in the fitness industry in 1996 as a certified kickboxing instructor. That quickly expanded into certified group exercise instructor since I enjoyed the dynamic and camaraderie of surrounding myself with others of like-mind. From there, I pursued by certification in Personal Training in 2005 and added a certification in Nutrition in 2007. I’ve enjoyed helping countless women, men and children reach their health and wellness goals through my coaching and support.


Emily Compson



There is not a one size fits all nutrition and fitness plan.” We are all unique in our own way and paying attention to those individualized needs is what I focus on with each of my clients. We work from the ground up focusing on form, body mobility, stability, and strength. Getting to know you, learning your specific goals, and creating an experience that is both enjoyable and challenging is my number one intention. Together we will make small progressive adjustments that fit your lifestyle and bring you to a healthier and stronger you. “What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.” Whatever it takes, let’s make it happen together.





My fitness career started at the University of Southern Maine where I studied Exercise Science. I have trained in many different modalities, bodyweight, powerlifting, strongman, olympic lifting, and Mixed Martial Arts. For over 4 years I’ve coached numerous group exercises classes such as Tabata, Bootcamp, Kettlebell Training, and Crossfit. I worked at Dirigo Fitness as a personal trainer where I was able to create my own system for evaluating and developing functional training programs designed for each individual.
The majority of the population I work with is adults 35+ years old. Each of them has had years to build body dysfunction, asymmetry, and faulty trains of thought along the way. I’ve found that this is where I excel. I work from the spine first, break down movement patterns, and look to understanding the emotional needs of my clients. “Fix the leaky pipe instead of wiping up the puddle on the floor”.
I look to create success with my clients by constructing a solid foundation in which to build their fitness upon. We work on creating a personal philosophy towards fitness, a goal system geared to reinforce that ideology, and an environment that fosters real personal growth. I teach my clients how to explore movement in a safe environment, create challenges by identifying weak patterns, and to pursue quality over quantity. Overall, I really just want to inspire people to play and be comfortable being uncomfortable.


Eric Rousseau



Growing up, I was heavily influenced by my father and older brothers, who were all involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding. My father was a personal trainer at the YMCA when I was 13. I started going to the gym with him and would work out while he trained clients. Seeing my older brothers, who I looked up to as role models, involved in weight lifting pushed me even more. I have been involved in the gym and weight lifting for 20 years, since the age of 13. I have worked as a personal trainer off and on since I was 18 years old. I was State Champion track athlete in high school and placed 9th in the nation in the Junior Olympics for throwing Javelin when I was 18 years old. Most recently, I competed in my first CF powerlifting event and am looking forward to participating in many more in the future. Everyone gets into training for different reasons and with different goals, whether for health reasons, show competition, improved athletic performance or improving self image and self esteem. There are endless possibilities in a gym to help people reach those goals. I believe that if you put in the work, results will always follow. Being able to work one-on-one with people as a personal trainer to help them achieve their goals gives me a great feeling. I love the challenge of creating custom work out plans. The process is truly rewarding, and a job I take very seriously.


Kristy Leconte



  • Trainer since 2005
  • NASM- Certicated Personal Trainer
  • NASM- Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NASM- Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Peak Pilates- Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition
  • New Leaf Metabolic Specialist
  • Muscle Activation Techiques Jump Start
  • IFPA Bikni Pro

Degrees: New England College Majors: Kinesiology + Sports & Recreational Management

Minor: Coaching

My view on health and fitness is to make small behavioral changes what will help you achieve your goals.  It’s not easy to break out of old habits, but it’s not impossible.  Everything you do in life gets easier with time, you just have to give yourself enough time, and trust the process!


Todd Turgeon



My name is Todd M Turgeon and I have made fitness a part of my life. I’m NASM certified, and USA Olympic Sport Performance Level 1 certified. I’m a high school football and lacrosse coach, and firmly believe that strength & conditioning is a vital part in not only making a great athlete but an overall person.


Rosebeth Wilson



Health and fitness have always been a major part of my life. My memories are ones of running around the gym while my brothers and parents got in a workout, riding my bike while my parents went for a run, eating cold macaroni and tuna with my brother when he was prepping for bodybuilding competitions, attending my brothers’ sporting events, dancing in recitals, cheering at games, and competing in both of those sports.

Before becoming a personal trainer, I worked in social services. I always found that the clients who struggled with anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder etc, whether they were three or ninety-three, were those who were the least active. By figuring out what these people enjoyed doing, I was able to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. At first my clients were resistant; however, when they noticed a difference in how they felt both mentally and physically, this activity time became something they looked forward to and, for some, a part of their daily routine. As months passed and I continued to witness the positive changes in my clients, I realized that I wanted to reach more people. In order to do this, I needed to make a career change; and, after carefully researching my options, I decided to become a personal trainer.

I began taking personal training courses through W.I.T.S (World International Training Schools) in early 2015; after only one class, I knew, without a doubt, that I had made the right decision. Learning everything I could about health and fitness became, and still is, my passion. I passed my CPT written test along with my presentation. Shortly thereafter, I began an internship here at Impact with Kristy Leconte. It was such a great experience and I learned so much from being able to be a part of the process!

Physical fitness is not just about being strong and healthy physically, but also mentally. Watching others achieve their goals, inspires me and is so rewarding. I love that I get to share my passion and all of the benefits physical fitness has to offer, on a daily basis. It’s not a job, it’s a way of life.