2016 OCB Pine Tree State

I fell in love with bodybuilding at a young age, and began competing as 17-year-old way back in 1987. I competed frequently as a teenager through my mid 30’s. Competitive bodybuilding was a great experience for me that allowed me learn from, and become friends with, some very smart, kind, and dedicated strength athletes. No longer on the competitive side of bodybuilding, I still wanted to stay involved with the sport, and began promoting the OCB Pine Tree State ~ Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships. Our first event was April 14, 2012. We had 30 competitors with a crowd of about 250 fans. We have grown substantially over our first 3 years with the 2014 OCB Pine Tree State growing to 104 competitors with a crowd of about 700, and we brought in our first guest…American Gladiator “Titan” & 4x Natural Mr. Universe, Mike O’Hearn! I expect the growth trend to continue in 2016 as the Pine Tree State is now officially and IFPA Pro Qualifier, and Mike O’Hearn returns as the Master of Ceremonies!

Scott Fleurant


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The Westbrook Performing Arts Center

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Registration and advanced ticket sales for the 2015 OCB Pine Tree State have closed. Tickets can be purchased the day of the show at the door for $25 per person.